The latest offering from Christian Heath is bound to set fire to the dance floor...

It’s that HOT!!

Better known for his romantic ballads, I’m Yours and Paradise, the fun-natured and often conservative musician wanted to create something a little more risky, something with flair that would add a little groove to your step. MAGIC does exactly that. Written together with Howie Combrink at The Hit Lab, MAGIC, with it’s funky beat, is sure to put a smile on your face. Even more enticing are the lyrics – for those who dare to take a closer listen.

“Magic is just about having a really good time when you are with someone… be it ‘naughty or nice,’” he explains. “The song is funky and catchy which was the fun part and it’s just an all round feel good track.”


More about Christian Heath:

Johannesburg artist Christian Heath launched his solo career in 2016. Though his former band of the same name, afforded him great success in the past – Everything Of Me charted at #4 on the 94.7 Top 8@8 – his vision for the future was far beyond what the band could offer at the time. With an eye on the international landscape, Christian began writing songs with a more universal appeal, building a solid fanbase on home ground, before jetting off to share his music with the world.

A few months short of achieving his overall goal, Christian has since released 3 successful singles locally, with a full length album set for release in July.

A master songwriter, Christian believes a good song, no matter the genre or trends of the time will thrive and has no doubt that his latest offering will do just this.

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